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Hardinge Lathe Rebuilding & Repair


1/3 the price of a new machine!

Our rebuild process includes : 

  • Inspecting machine and all parts

  • Full disassembly and cleaning

  • Grinding bed top and mastering dovetail ways

  • Hand scraping, flaking, and mastering of all slide ways

  • Hand scraping and flaking of all adjustable gibs

  • Repair or replacement of wearable parts as needed

  • Painting + waxing entire machine

  • Polishing and cleaning of all hardware

  • Assembly to factory standards

  • Spindle repair available on request

Restore your Harding Lathe to its original factory specifications! Our comprehensive services include complete restoration and repair options for your mill, from hand scraping and head rebuilding to table grinding, painting, attachments, and more. Trust us to bring your mill back to life with precision and accuracy that meets or exceeds factory tolerances.

We offer service and rebuilds for Hardinge Lathes

Signs of Wear

Hardinge Lathes are known as the top of the line when it comes to toolroom lathes, even 30 years after their production has ended. We frequently see and service original machines from the 1960s with very low amounts of wear considering the use they endure. When using your Hardinge check for these indicators that your machine may be due for a rebuild.

1. Spindle noise/Vibration

Noise and vibration are the clearest signs of worn spindle bearings, but other signs include tool chatter and irregular cutting noise when turning parts.

2. Cross slide play

Play and backlash in your cross slide components will make it very difficult to consistently hold tight tolerances between parts. This will also contribute to tool chatter and cutting noise. Locking the slide may also shift the tool post out of alignment

3. Electrical issues 

The electrical components of these machines can be quite complex and cause a variety of issues such as the machine only turning one direction, carriage auto feed is a common point of wear/failure, as is spindle brake failure.

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