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Mitsui Grinder Rebuilding & Repair


Restore your Mitsui Grinder to its original factory specifications! Our comprehensive services include complete restoration and repair options for your mill, from hand scraping and head rebuilding to table grinding, painting, attachments, and more. Trust us to bring your mill back to life with precision and accuracy that meets or exceeds factory tolerances.

1/3 the price of a new machine!

Our rebuild process includes : 

  • Inspecting machine and all parts

  • Full disassembly and cleaning

  • Grinding hardened steel table ways

  • Hand scraping, flaking, and mastering of all slide ways

  • Repair or replacement of wearable parts as needed

  • Painting + waxing entire machine

  • Polishing and cleaning of all hardware

  • Assembly to factory standards

  • Spindle rebuilding available on request

Our Mitsui Grinder rebuilds include hand scraping and polishing all components
Rebuild your machines to like new for a fraction the cost!
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