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Webb Mill Rebuilding & Repair


Rebuild your Webb Mill to Factory tolerances! Our comprehensive services include complete restoration and repair options for your mill, from hand scraping, head rebuilding, and table grinding, to painting, attachments, and more. Trust us to bring your mill back to life with precision and accuracy that meets or exceeds factory tolerances.

1/3 the price of a new machine!

Our rebuild process includes : 

  • Inspecting machine and all parts

  • Full disassembly and cleaning

  • Head Rebuild/Repair

  • Grinding table top and mastering table ways

  • Hand scraping, flaking, and mastering of all slide ways

  • Hand scraping and flaking of all adjustable gibs

  • Repair or replacement of wearable parts as needed

  • Painting + waxing entire machine

  • Polishing and cleaning of all hardware

  • Assembly to factory standards

  • Spindle repair or replacement available on request

Recommended Maintenance
We service and rebuild Webb Milling Machines

Regular maintenance and lubrication are essential for ensuring the longevity and accuracy of any machine, regardless of whether it is new, old, or has recently been rebuilt. To keep your machine running smoothly, it's important to regularly inspect and address the following key areas:

  • Properly lubricate head daily or as specified by data plaque

  • Check for lubrication on slide ways

  • Ensure the lube pump is filled bi-weekly or monthly as needed

  • Tighten gib screws as needed to reduce shaking of workspace and improve accuracy

  • Keep the machine clean and free of debris/dust

  • Inspect way flaking/scraping for wear in high use areas (generally in the center of the ways)

  • Inspect scales and reader heads for damage if a DRO is installed

  • Note changes in feed screw backlash, tightness in travel, or bearing noise as these are signs of significant wear or part failure.

Be sure to always follow manufacturer maintenance guidelines to keep your machine in service for as long as possible.

We service and rebuild Champ Milling machines
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